Posted by 3.1415926
on Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pi Pizzeria Celebrates One Year with Chef Cary McDowell

Executive Chef Cary McDowell is always cooking up something wonderful!

In the past year, he’s put his heart and soul into new and exciting menu items for both Pi Pizzeria and our sister restaurant, Gringo. He’s brought us his signature, delicious brisket used in our Gringo tacos and a bulgogi BBQ style on our current Pi Chef’s pick, the Grand Market Deep Dish. He’s developed a mouthwatering Fried Chicken for Gringo and a kale salad for Pi called the Kale-ifornication that is just shy of being sinful it’s so good. The list goes on and on and on! Chef, we appreciate your good humor, excellent taste in music and your ability to keep our tummies growling for more! Happy Anniversary to you!