Posted by 3.1415926
on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Chef Cary's Latest Picks

The Burning Man

This Chef’s pick is built on Mixed Mushrooms, accentuated with the sweet acidity of sliced Onion, the subtle, soothing heat from Dried Red Chili Flakes, and topped with even MORE Mushrooms- in this case- paper thin-sliced Crimini Mushrooms!

Add chopped Flat Leaf Parsley, the crunch of Flake Salt and finish with a trippy drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey!

With all this talk of mushrooms, acid, trippy, heat, and our general desire to create, we decided to pay homage (as well as do a little “day dreaming” for the Summer……) to the iconic Burning Man Festival. This festival started back in 1986 when Larry Harvey and his friend Jerry James knocked together an improvised wooden figure and drug it down to Baker Beach in San Francisco, CA on the Summer Solstice. They light it up, and a curious crowd gathers to watch it burn. The rest is history! Now located in Black Rock Dessert, NV, it has come to represent a “culture of possibility”- a unique time of expression in America. . Looking ahead at the possibilities in 2016, and in the deep freeze of St. Louis Winter- this seemed like a fitting name for such a “not so mellow mushroom” Pi! Keep it real!

-Chef Cary