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on Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall 2016 Chef's Picks

INTRODUCING Chef Cary McDowell's new Fall 2016 Chef's Picks:

Fall has arrived and with it so have Pi's latest seasonal creations! We've developed some truly mouthwatering new winners, including an all new Shishito Pepper appetizer and for the first time, Pi's own handmade White Sauce! Read more about these delectable new additions below.

See you soon!
 -Cary McDowell


Smashed Scallion - This pizza features the debut of our new White Sauce

Our new white sauce is made with the freshest milk, butter and flour in a very simple, straight- forward and classic way. The pizza is crafted on our whole wheat crust, dressed with white sauce and freshly shredded Mozzarella. The star of the show is the often-overlooked, lowly scallion (aka green onion). We remove the root tips, and gain an immense amount of flavor by smashing the whites, and cutting them all the way up in 1/4 inch sections. We toss these in a little extra virgin olive oil, and season them with salt. The full layer covers the bed of Mozzarella, while on top, we dot the pizza with dabs of goat cheese. The earthy creaminess, and more importantly the sharp acidity really accentuates the flavor of the smashed scallions. After bake, a generous drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey brings it all together! 

I designed this to be a vegetable-centric pizza, but it is absolutely gorgeous with the addition of bacon, soppressata, chicken breast, etc....


Our take on a classic... The Eggplant Parm - This Chef’s Pick was inspired by one of my favorite, cool weather memories of American/Italian cooking. We peel beautiful eggplant, slice them into thick discs, lay them atop a bed of basil leafs, aggressively season them with EVOO, salt and pepper and roast them until tender in our pizza oven. We let them cool down, and reserve their juices before adding them as a topping. This ensures their creamy texture and maximum flavor is retained. We build this on our whole wheat crust, our signature traditional, smooth thin sauce and a bed of shredded Mozzarella. The eggplant pieces are spread evenly, dotted with a bit of pickled red onion, marinated tomato confit which both bring a necessary acidic and sweet punch to the creamy cheese, and unctuous eggplant. Lastly, we add coarse-shredded American-made Parmesan cheese, which melts into a nice crisp topping. What I like most about this is that it eats as if it’s been breaded and fried, but without all of the heavy breading and oil!


Shishito Peppers - (also known as Lions’ Head Peppers) are a Japanese variety, that are finger-length and thin-walled. They have a grassy pepper flavor with sweet-hot citrus notes. While it’s generally a mild pepper variety, the heat level can vary-it’s said that 1 in 10 peppers has a hot kick! We blister them in our hot pizza ovens, tossing them with a scant amount of EVOO and salt. When ready for service, we shred fresh lemon zest and season with a touch of flake salt.

Served with our tangy buttermilk dressing, the result is a delightfully bright, shareable dish that’s sure to be a new fall favorite @ Pi Pizzeria!