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on Friday, September 25, 2015

Il Greco - Introducing Chef Cary's Latest Chef's Pick

While there may not be too much great news coming out of Greece these days, there is one thing nearly all of us can agree upon--Greek Cuisine!
Chef Cary McDowell's latest Chef's Pick, Il Greco takes its inspiration from the classic street-vended "Gyro".
We cook small batches of a spiced lamb and beef sausage, and slice it thin. We add this to our Signature Thin Crust, with a scant amount of mozzarella, red onions and pepperoncini (the latter makes the sausage "pop").
It's cooked extra crispy in our traditional deck oven, then we top it with chopped lettuce and tomatoes dressed in cucumber/Greek yogurt. Finally, it's finished with crumbled feta, cyprus flake salt and black pepper!
Il Greco is undeniably gyro, and undeniably DELICIOUS! It won't be around long, so join us soon and enjoy Cary's latest Chef's Pick!
Il Greco Chef's Pick Pizza at Pi