Posted by 3.1415926
on Monday, February 23, 2015

Super Pi Day 3.14.15 - Pi Pizzeria Ready to Celebrate Seventh Birthday!

Pi Pizzeria


Pi Pizzeria is ready to celebrate an epic birthday, our lucky number seven! While we always celebrate on 3.14, Pi Day, this particular year happens to be SUPER Pi Day as the first 10 digits of Pi will be expressed on our calendar and clocks! This once in a lifetime event will be celebrated at Pi Pizzeria on 3/14/15 at 9:26 and 54 seconds (we rounded up. . .). 

Wondering why Pi was chosen for our name seven years ago? Co-founder Frank Uible explains the story as to how π became our mathematical muse, 

“Chris (Sommers) and I were racking our brains coming up with a name for the pizzeria concept. We are both big fans of word puns and liked the homophone play-on-words of ‘pie’ and ‘pi’. We loved the additional coincidence that pizzas are circular and pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

‘Pi’ soon morphed further to the Greek letter, π, as the working title for the restaurant. We knew that we had settled on the name when it struck us that the numerical representation of pi (approximately 3.14) contained the same digits as the area code of St. Louis (314), our shared hometown.”

Since our first location on Delmar opened on 3/14/08, we’ve been dedicated to making great pizza and providing legendary service. Our roots in St. Louis are strong and deep and our customers' loyalty has provided us the opportunity to expand to Washington D.C., Cincinnati and South Beach.  We are proud of our accomplishments and so thankful to all who have shown such support and love for what we do!

It may be our birthday but all the presents are for our customers! We’ve got a week full of irrationally spectacular specials, giveaways and events to celebrate, culminating in our Super Pi Day celebration. . .


Birthday Gift (all locations):

During the month of March, make a large pizza purchase at Pi and receive a "gift" redeemable on your next visit. Receive a free large salad or appetizer with the purchase of a large pizza.

Gift valid Monday through Thursday only from 3/2/2015 through 5/7/2015. Limit one per guest. Dine in only.


Monday, March 9

$5 - Any large salad. Dine in only.

$5 - Pi Squared Cocktails.


Tuesday, March 10

Get a large pizza for the price of a small. Pay for any small pizza and automatically get a

size upgrade to large. Dine in only. All full service locations.

$5 Pi Sangria.


Wednesday, March 11

$5 Menu. Dine in only. All full service locations.

Free Pi pint glass with any full price draft beer purchase. Limit one per guest; all full service locations while supplies last.

$5 menu

Thursday, March 12

Buy one large pizza, get a second pizza of equal or lesser value for $3.14. Dine in only. All full service locations.

$3.14 Schlafly Pi Common.

Friday, March 13

$6 - Oven Blazed Wings. Dine in only. All full service locations. While supplies last.


Saturday, March 14 - Super Pi Day

9:26 a.m. and 54 seconds. Please join us at our St. Louis Delmar location as we open early and celebrate this historic event with our breakfast pizza and beer!

Pi Memorization Contests. Winners receive $150 Pi gift card. Winners named in both YOUTH (age 15 and younger) and ADULT (age 16+) divisions. 6:00 p.m. at Pi Delmar, Cincinnati and D.C.

Free large pizza for all Pi babies (all guests with birthday of March 14). Must have government-issued I.D. or copy of birth certificate. Dine in only. All locations.