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on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer 2016 Chef's Picks

INTRODUCING Chef Cary McDowell's new Summer 2016 Chef's Pick Pizzas:

PI-NAPPLE - a first for Pi...Pineapple! But this is not your grandfather's Hawaiian Pi. Chef Cary and his team start with our new Stone Ground Whole Wheat Crust, then add pork burnt ends marinated in our favorite Pappy’s bbq sauce, before balancing with sweet pineapple, flat leaf parsley and flake salt.

GREENPOINT AVE. - a nod to our friends at Mike's Hot Honey and the origin of their namesake honey on Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn. The "bed" of basil catches all of the sweet & acidic juices of the heirloom tomatoes, as well as the EVOO. The pearled mozz melts & brings the creamy to the party and the Hot Honey accentuates our brand new Stone Ground Whole Wheat Crust. The crunch of the flake salt sets it off as a perfect pi for the summer months!

A bit more on the origins of Mike's Hot Honey at Paulie Gee's pizzeria on Greenpoint Ave.:
“A few weeks into his apprenticeship, Mike brought in a bottle of his Hot Honey for Paulie to try on a pizza. Impressed with the homemade concoction, Paulie asked Mike to make enough Hot Honey for the restaurant to use on top of their pies. Later that week, Mike began making small batches of chili-infused hot honey for the pizzeria.
Frequently, while making pizzas at the restaurant, Mike would receive requests from customers for to-go containers of his Hot Honey. Eventually, the demand for Mike’s signature honey grew so great that it was only natural to go into business sharing this special treat with the rest of the world and thus Mike's Hot Honey, Inc. was born.”